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Recovery tractors are designed for evacuation of inoperative dump trucks and other quarry equipment to repair station on technological roads under various climatic conditions.
Type 4-stroke, direct injection diesel, Turbocharged, Intercooled
Rated power @ 1900 rpm, kW(hp) 1194 kW (1600 hp)
No. of cylinders 16 V-type
Cylinders displacement, l 50.3
Bore x stroke, mm 159 x 159 mm
Air supply system  suitable for dusty operation conditions: three-stage air cleaning filters with cyclone pre-filtering collectors and filtering elements of dry type. Automatic dust ejection from the first stage and air restriction indicators. Exhaust is carried out via body.
Lubrication system forced flow type with "wet" crankcase.
Cooling system liquid type, one circuit, forced circulation of cooling liquid. Four row, seamless, flaw oval tubes and cooling plates, one-way, cut, installed in front of the engine in two blocks.
Fuel supply system direct injection diesel, double-stage fuel filtering: preliminary and fine cleaning.
Engine starting system pneumatic starting system
Preheating system of liquid type, suitable for working conditions up to 3000 m above sea level and temperature -20C to 40C.
Electrical Equipment 24 V
Alternating-direct current electric drive: one traction generator (800 kW), two fully integral electric traction wheel motors (power capacity 590 kW each) and reducing gears from motors to wheels, auxiliary electric machines and control and adjustment devices. Temperature sensors installed on wheel-motors in order to avoid flashing or high temperature. Motor-wheel reduction unit is fully enclosed of planetary two-stage type.
Gear ratio 30.36
Hydraulic volumetric power steering, two-circuit, flow booster (stream booster), dosage pump (hydraulic steer) and two double acting hydraulic cylinders with non-cut trapezium; steered front wheels; adjustable steering column (height and inclination angle).
Min turning radius 13 m
Steered wheels turning angle 35 degrees
Overall turning radius 23 m
Corresponds to ISO 5010 standard
Emergency steering — pressure for emergency steering in case of engine shut-down is provided automatically by three pneumatic-hydraulic accumulators.
System pressure 16,5 MPa
Filtration: hydraulic oil filtration degree — 10 micrometers. Accumulator: 5 pneumatic-hydraulic accumulators in common hydraulic system
Front suspension system and design: dependent type, consisting of two pneumo-hydraulic cylinders (nitrogen-over-oil), eyelets with hinge, lever of front axle and transversal rod. Rear suspension system and design: dependent type, consisting of two pneumatic-hydraulic cylinders (nitrogen-over-oil), lever of rear axle and eyelet with central hinge.
Max front stroke: 320 mm
Min rear stroke: 290 mm
High-quality rubber parts and components and rings installed in suspension cylinders.
Hydraulic system
Common hydraulic system for steering and brake drives. Consists of oil tank, one-section oil pump BOSCH-REXROTH, oil-distribution equipment with safety valves and high pressure oil Electrodynamic braking through electric traction motors being used in generating mode with forced air-cooling of brake resistors. Braking system fully corresponds to international standards and ISO 3450 safety regulations.
Maximal oil pressure 13.5 MPa
Maximal output @ 1900 rpm rpm 474 dm3 /min
Filtration rate 10 mCm
33.00-51 tubeless "Belshina" bias type with disc, 6 pcs per each dump truck. KEIMAX full-welded rims can be installed at Buyer's request and additional 12'000 Euro.
Braking system Dry-friction disc gears with two calipers per disc on front wheel. Disc type brakes with two calipers per disc on rear wheels.
Parking brake constantly closed disc-type brake gears mounted on the shaft of electric wheels. Spring actuation, hydraulic control.
Auxiliary brake Electrodynamic braking through electric traction motors being used in generating mode with forced air-cooling of brake resistors. Braking system fully corresponds to international standards and ISO 3450 safety regulations.
Emergency brake Parking brake and intact circuit of service brake are used
Filling capacities
Fuel tank: 1900
Engine cooling system: 410
Engine lubrication system: 195
Hydro-mechanical transmission: 70
Reduction units of wheel-motors: 92 (46 x 2)
Suspension cylinders:
front: 38,8 (39,4x2)
rear: 57,4 (28,7x2)
Welded from high-tensile low-alloy steel. Longitudinal variable height main rails, of box section are interconnected by cross members to minimize stress.
*Overall dimensions are specified for standard equipping of the dump truck
**Excepting dump trucks of tropicalized design
Special Equipment
Ballast for increment of front axle load; sheet guard with an area for passage from cab to guard; flashing light and headlight for guard zone; two ladders from right and left side for going upstairs from the ground to the cab; boxes for accessories; splash guards of rear wheels; hydraulic connector for joining to rear wheel axle brake system of towed dump truck for the purpose of its unbraking and towing; pneumatic connector for air supply to receivers of towed vehicle; six additional fire extinguishers.
About Belaz

Belarusian Automobile Works (BELAZ) established in 1948 is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of high-quality, reliable and productive mining equipment. Total number of vehicles produced by BELAZ throughout its history exceeds 120 thousand units supplied to more than 50 nations. Nowadays BELAZ quarry machinery comprises around one third of the world fleet of mining dump trucks.

ZAGROS MACHINE Ltd. As the exclusive dealer of BELAZ on the territory of IRAN is glad to offer you mining dump trucks, wheel loaders, wheel dozers and other machinery for open-cast mining, construction, infrastructure and metallurgy industries. Modern technology, components with long service lives and mature design in combination with innovative technical solutions guarantee long-lasting, productive operation of BELAZ machinery.

Weighs (Mass)
Operating Weight, kg 125 000
Weight distribution on axles,% Empty machine
Front axle 50,4%
Rear axle 49,6%
Maximum force to lifting mechanism at towing by:
Lower catch, kg 50'000
Upper catch, kg 70'000
Counterbalance weight, kg 10'400
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