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BELAZ 75131 | 150 tones
  • High-output, long life KTA-50C or QSK-45C Cummins Engines
  • with low fuel consumption
  • Electromechanical transmission
  • PAYLOAD – 130-136 tonnes (143,3-150 US tons)
  • GROSS WEIGHT – 237-243 tonnes
  • GROSS POWER – 1194 kW (1600 hp)
Type 4 stroke, direct injection diesel
Aspiration Turbocharged, Intercooled
Rated power @ 1900 rpm 1194 kW (1600 hp)
Maximum torque @ 1500 rpm 6292Nm
Number of cylinders / configuration 16 V-type
Bore x Stroke 159 x 159 mm
Displacement 50.3 lit
Lubrication system Combined type with “wet” crankcase
Oil cooling system Through water-to-oil heat exchanger
Cooling system liquid type with forced flow
Air cleaning Three-stage air cleaning filters with cyclone pre-filtering collectors and filtering elements of dry type. Automatic dust ejection from the first stage and air restriction indicators
Starting system pneumatic starting system
Electrical system 24 V
Starting preheating system Fluid type
Alternating-direct current electric drive: one traction generator (1400 kW) , two fully integral electric traction wheel motors and reducing gears from motors to wheels, auxiliary electric machines and control and adjustment devices. Motor-wheel reduction unit is fully enclosed of planetary two-stage type. Gear ratio 30.36
Multishaft gearbox with constant-mesh spur gears
Standard: 33.00-51 (E-3) PR 58
Type Pneumatic, tubeless, tread pattern of quarry type
Quantity of wheels 6 (2 front and 4 rear)
Rim designation 24.00-51/5.0
Optional: 33.00R51 tubeless, radial, all-steell
Bucket V-type rock body, fully welded construction with canopy meeting ROPS requirements. Floor and side boards are made of high-strength wear-resistant steel full analog to HARDOX-400 (18HGNMFR). The body is equipped with rock ejectors and a device for mechanical locking in raised position.
Body capacity struck / heaped (2:1) 45.0 / 71.0 m3
Front and rear – conventional, hydropneumatic cylinders (nitrogen/oil), two per each axle.
Cylinder piston stroke Front / Rear 320 / 320 mm
Hydrostatic power steering by torque amplifier driven by variable-output pump. Emergency power source – from air-hydraulic accumulators.
Min turning radius 13m
Overall turning diameter 28m
Steering system pressure 16.5 MPa
Service Dry-friction disc gears with two calipers per disc on front wheel Disc type brakes with two calipers per disc on rear wheels
Parking constantly closed disc-type brake gears mounted on the shaft of motorized wheels. Spring actuation, hydraulic control.
Emergency Parking brake and intact circuit of service brake are used
Auxiliary Electrodynamic braking through electric traction motors being used in generating mode with forced air-cooling of brake resistors
Two telescopic three-stage body hoist cylinders with power down in the second stage. Body may be stopped in any position and locked in the up-right position for maintenance. Hydraulic system is combined for body dumping mechanism and steering system using gear pumps on the transmission.
Body raise / lower time 20 / 18 sec
Pressure in tipping system 16.5 MPa
Welded from high-tensile low-alloy steel. Longitudinal variable height main rails of box section are interconnected by cross members using castings to minimize stress.
Performance Data
Traction Performance Braking Performance
Vehicle gross weight. Vehicle gross weight.
Kg x 1000 Kg x 1000
Unlade, kgx1000 Unlade, kgx1000
Traveling Speed, km/h Traveling Speed, km/h
Standard Equipment
Fully adjustable torsionally or air suspended operator’s seat Tachometer
Seat, passenger Speedometer
Seat belt Brake pressure
Acoustic lining Ampere meter
Three-ply wind shield Voltmeter
Hardened side, rear windows Hour meter
Windshield wiper and washer WARNING SYSTEMS:
Fan and heater Pneumatic or electric horn
Door locks Front, tail and side turning indicators
Sun visor Front, rear marker lamps
Rear view mirrors Braking warning lights
Utility compartment Reverse movement alarm
Interior light LIGHTING:
INDICATORS-LIGHTS: Four head lamps including two for lamps Front
Turning and rear lights
Engine oil filters restriction Body lighting
Engine electric starting Reverse movement light
Parking brake Side turning lights
INDICATORS-ALARM: Number plate lighting
Brake pressure Engine compartment light
Engine oil pressure Portable lamp socket
Engine over-heating GENERAL:
GAUGES: Body position indicator
Engine oil temperature Rock ejectors
Transmission oil temperature Tow points front and rear
Engine oil pressure  
Transmission oil pressure
Fuel level  
Optional Equipment
Air conditioning system  
Central lubrication system  
Engine starting pre-heater  
33.00R51 tubeless, radial, all-steel tyres  
Increased body  
Tinted glasses  
Radio / cassette player  
Weighs (Mass)
Payload capacity 130-136 tonnes (143-150 US tons)
Net weight 105 tonnes
Gross weight 135-141 tonnes
Weight distribution Front axle Rear axle
Empty 50.9% 49.1%
Loaded 33.0 % 67.0 %
Service Capacities
Fuel tank 1900
Engine cooling system 400
Engine lube oil system 195
Hydraulic system 340
Wheel drives 60 (30 x 2)
Suspension cylinders
Front 33 (16.5 x 2)
Rear 56 (28 x 2)
About Belaz

Belarusian Automobile Works (BELAZ) established in 1948 is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of high-quality, reliable and productive mining equipment. Total number of vehicles produced by BELAZ throughout its history exceeds 120 thousand units supplied to more than 50 nations. Nowadays BELAZ quarry machinery comprises around one third of the world fleet of mining dump trucks.

ZAGROS MACHINE Ltd. As the exclusive dealer of BELAZ on the territory of IRAN is glad to offer you mining dump trucks, wheel loaders, wheel dozers and other machinery for open-cast mining, construction, infrastructure and metallurgy industries. Modern technology, components with long service lives and mature design in combination with innovative technical solutions guarantee long-lasting, productive operation of BELAZ machinery.

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