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Mining dump truck BELAZ 75710 | 500 tones
Designed for transportation of rocks and other loose materials at open cast mining sites on technological roads under various climatic operating conditions.
Model MTU DD 16V4000
Type Two diesel four-cycle engines with V-type cylinders arrangement, DDEC electric control system, Common rail direct fuel injection, gas turbine charging and intermediate cooling of charged air.
Overall rated power @ 1900 rpm, kW 2x1715
No. of cylinders 16
Overall cylinders displacement, l 2x65
Cylinder diameter, mm 165
Piston stroke, mm 190
Maximum torque
@ 1500 rpm, Nm 9313
Overall specific fuel consumption, g/kW hr 2x198
Air Cleaning  performed by three-stage filters with dry-type elements. Exhaust gas expulsion is routed through dump truck body and mufflers.
Lubrication system Circulation pressurized lubrication system with "wet" crankcase.
Cooling system Double-loop fluid cooling system with forced circulation.
Oil cooling performed through water-to-oil heat exchanger.
Starting preheating system fluid Type
Starting system Starting system is actuated by pneumatic starter.
Cooling system impeller drive is hydraulic clutch with automatic control.
Electromechanical transmission. Siemens MMT500 AC electric drive with two traction alternators, four traction electric motors and motor-in-wheel reduction gears, auxiliary electric machines, adjustment and control devices.
Traction alternator YJ177A
Power, kW 1864
Traction electric motor 1TB3026-0GB03
Power, kW 1200
MMT500 AC electric drive control cabinet.
Motor-in-wheel double-row planetary reduction gear.
Gear ratio 29.2
Maximum travel speed, km/h 60
Steering meets requirements of ISO 5010.
Steering is hydrostatic with fluid amplifier and driven by variable-flow pump.
Emergency drive from pneumohydraulic accumulators.
Turning radius, m 19.8
Overall turning diameter, m 45
System pressure, MPa 16.5
Conventional suspension for front and rear wheels. Cylinders are pneumohydraulic (nitrogen and oil). Two cylinders are on the front axle and two cylinders are on the rear axle. Antiroll bars are mounted on each driving axle to provide lateral stability. Cylinder piston stroke, mm
Cylinder piston stroke, mm
Front: 170
Rear: 170
Hydraulic system
Combined hydraulic system for body dumping gear, steering and brake system. Two-section variable-flow axial-piston oil pump with pressure regulator. Mechanical drive from traction alternator output flange through propeller shaft.
Body lifting cylinders are telescopic and double-stage with one stage of double action.
Loaded body lifting time, s 26
Body lowering time, s 20
System pressure, MPa 20
Pneumatic tubeless radial tires with quarry tread pattern.
Designation: 59/80R63
Internal pressure, MPa according to tire manufacturer recommendation
Rim Degignation: 44.00-63/5.0
Bucket-type welded body with FOPS safety system in accordance with ISO 3449, rops and heating by engine exhaust gases. The body is equipped with device for mechanical fixing in raised position.
Body capacity capacity in accordance with ISO 6483,
struck / heaped 2:1
157.5 / 269.5 m3(standard)
Braking system meets international requirements of ISO 3450 and consists of service, parking, auxiliary brakes and retardation system.
Service brakes: Front and rear wheels — double-disk brakes with one brake gear per disk and automatic gap adjustment. Brake disks are mounted on shafts of traction electric motors. Brake actuator is hydraulic and separate for front and rear wheels.
Parking brake constantly closed brake with two brake gears on outer brake disk of traction electric motor. Spring actuation, hydraulic control.
Auxiliary brake parking brake, operable circuit of service brake and retarder are used.
Retardation system electrodynamic braking by traction electric motors in alternator mode with forced air cooling of brake resistors.
Brake resistors MMT500 Gridbox
Power, kW 4800
Two-seated cab with ROPS safety system in accordance with ISO 3471 and adjustable operator's seat. The cab meets requirements of standards for in-cab noise, vibration, concentration of harmful substances and dust. In-cab noise level is not more than 80 dB(A).
Refill capacities
Fuel tank: 2x2800
Engine cooling system: 890
Engine lubrication system: 2x269
Hydraulic system: 1800
Motor-in-wheel reduction gears: 600 (150x4)
Suspension cylinders:
front: 125.8 (62.9x2)
rear: 125.8 (62.9x2)
High-strength low-alloyed steel welded frame. Box-section invariable height side rails are interconnected by cross-members.
Traction and braking performance
*Overall dimensions are specified for standard equipping of the dump truck
**Excepting dump trucks of tropicalized design
Special Equipment
Starting preheater (standard)
Fire-fighting system with automatic control (standard)  
Centralized lubrication system (standard)  
Loading and fuel control system (standard)  
Telemetering tire pressure control system (standard)  
Diagnostic system (standard)  
High-voltage line attention device (standard)  
Video observation system (standard)  
Heating and conditioning unit (standard)  
Fettling of body floor (option)  
About Belaz

Belarusian Automobile Works (BELAZ) established in 1948 is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of high-quality, reliable and productive mining equipment. Total number of vehicles produced by BELAZ throughout its history exceeds 120 thousand units supplied to more than 50 nations. Nowadays BELAZ quarry machinery comprises around one third of the world fleet of mining dump trucks.

ZAGROS MACHINE Ltd. As the exclusive dealer of BELAZ on the territory of IRAN is glad to offer you mining dump trucks, wheel loaders, wheel dozers and other machinery for open-cast mining, construction, infrastructure and metallurgy industries. Modern technology, components with long service lives and mature design in combination with innovative technical solutions guarantee long-lasting, productive operation of BELAZ machinery.

Weighs (Mass)
Maximum payload capacity, kg 450000 (500 US tons)
Unladen weight, kg 360000
Gross weight, kg 810000
Weight distribution on axles, Vo: Unladen Loaded
Front axle 60 50
Disclaimer: Specifications subject to change without notice. Illustrations shown may include optional equipment.
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