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Water Sprinkling Vehicle BELAZ 76473 | 32,000 liters
Type Diesel, four stroke, in-line, direct fuel injection, turbo-charged, with intermediate cooling.
Rated power at 2100 rpm, kW (hp) 448 (600)
Maximum torque @ 1600 rpm 2237 Nm
No. of cylinders / configuration 6
Cylinders Displacement 18.9 lit
Cylinders diameter 159 mm
Piston stroke 159 mm
Lubrication system Combined type with “wet” crankcase design. Oil cooling – by water-to oil heat exchanger.
Cooling system liquid type with forced circulation
Air cleaning performed by two-stage filter with dry-type elements. Exhaust gases evacuation is made through water tanker.
Starting preheating system is of fluid type.
Starting system pneumatic starter
Electrical system 24 V
Hydromechanical transmission with three-shaft matching reduction gear, combined one-stage hydraulic converter with automatic coupling regime, two-shaft gearbox with friction clutches and electro-hydraulic gearshift actuator, hydrodynamic blade-type retarder.
matching reduction gear: 1.0
Gear box:  
Forward Reverse
3.84 6.07
2.27 1.67
Pneumatic with quarry tread pattern
Type 21.00-35 pr36 (E-4)
Internal pressure 0.575 MPa
Rim 15.00-33/3,0
One-seat with additional side seat. Operator’s seat is equipped with torsion spring with hydraulic shock-absorber, adjustable. Cab meets all standard requirements for internal sound levels, vibration, concentration of poisonous substances and dust.
Water sprinkling system
Single-stage rotary pump (model) K 100-62-250
Drive power, kW 32
Rotational speed, rpm 2900
Maximum pump capacity, m3/min 1.7
Pump thrust, mm. of water 80
Pump drive hydrostatic
Side pulverizing system:
Two radial pulverizers with individually controlled (from cab) actuation valves.
Rear pulverizing system:
Four radial pulverizers with individually controlled (from cab) actuation valves.
Width of sprinkling area, m 24.5
Carriage barrel mounted on the front upper side of water tank with controlled (from cab) actuation valve and mechanism for turning in vertical and horizontal position.
Carriage barrel:
Mounted on the front upper side of water tank. Actuation is independent from cab.
Turning angle, degrees:
Upward 50
Downward 10
In horizontal position 35
Reach of water jet, m 60
Drum with barrel:
Mounted on the rear part of water tank with rubber hoses and fire barrels.
Number of drums: 1
Hose length, m 10
Coupling GMV-125 GOST 28352-89E for filling other fire-fighting vehicles.
Dependant for front and driving axles, cylinders are hydro pneumatic (nitrogen and oil), two for front and four for driving axle.
Piston stroke 265 mm
Hydrostatic. Steerable front wheels
Turning radius 10.2 m
Overall turning diameter 23 m
Service Shoe-and-drum brake gears on all wheels. Actuation – pneumatic, separate for front and rear wheels.
Parking Shoe-type constantly closed brake gear on driving shaft of main gear. Spring actuation. Pneumatic control.
Emergency Parking brake and intact circuit of service brake are used.
Retarder Hydrodynamic electrically controlled brake on driving shaft of gearbox.
Welded structure of high-strength low-alloyed steel. Longitudinal box-section variable height side rails are interconnected by cross-members.
Drive line: Two open-type propeller shafts with joints on needle bearings which connect hydro mechanical transmission with engine and driving axle.
Front Axle: Driven, steerable, tube-type section.
Front wheels angle 1 Degree
Driving axle: Mechanical, with one-stage tapered main gear, tapered differential with four pinions, planetary wheel drives with spur gears.
Ratios: Main gear 3.727
wheel drive 6.0
total of driving axle 22.364
Hydraulic system
Oil pumps are gear-type.
Pressure in steering system, mPa 12,5
Water Tank
Welded structure of high-strength low-alloyed steel. Tank is divided in eight (8) sections, two (2) hatches, space inside tank for channels of exhaust gases, Ladder in the back of tank for filling and control. Tank filling is through the upper hatch from water source (hose).
Service Capacities
Water tank 32000
Fuel tank 610
Engine cooling system 135
Engine lubrication system 54
Hydromechanical transmission 70
Hydraulic system 160
Main gear 24
Wheel drives 24 (12 x 2)
Suspension cylinders 24 (4 x 6)
About Belaz

Belarusian Automobile Works (BELAZ) established in 1948 is a leading manufacturer of a broad range of high-quality, reliable and productive mining equipment. Total number of vehicles produced by BELAZ throughout its history exceeds 120 thousand units supplied to more than 50 nations. Nowadays BELAZ quarry machinery comprises around one third of the world fleet of mining dump trucks.

ZAGROS MACHINE Ltd. As the exclusive dealer of BELAZ on the territory of IRAN is glad to offer you mining dump trucks, wheel loaders, wheel dozers and other machinery for open-cast mining, construction, infrastructure and metallurgy industries. Modern technology, components with long service lives and mature design in combination with innovative technical solutions guarantee long-lasting, productive operation of BELAZ machinery.

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