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Quarry shovel EKG-10



The excavator is designed to excavate and load mineral products and overburden rock to transport facilities at open mine workings, for stacking and also for loading works at storage area.
Models EKG-5U and EKG-8Us were produced on the basis of excavator model EKG-10. Excavators with elongated working equipment may be used for digging basic trenches, and also for loading on transport facilities, located in overlying lifts.
EKG-10 and its modifications provide high productivity, good mobility, easy control and maintenance. Up-to-date design and high-strength materials applied in these excavators provide its reliable operation in any climatic conditions.

constructional peculiarities


The shovel is equipped with up-to-date electronic system on the basis of thruster converters providing independent stepless control of the main drives and formation of optimal static and dynamic characteristics according to “generator-motor” scheme. The system is provided with necessary blockings to ensure reliable and safety excavator operation. Block design of converters provides easy troubleshooting and repair.

A saddle bearing with adjustable side and upper rollers for directing of stick motion at crowdreturn is applied in the excavator. This enables to compensate wear and to reduce dynamic loads on the excavator working equipment.

Planetary gearboxes of the hoist and swing mechanisms in comparison with early used gearboxes are more compact, have larger load-carrying capacity, and are reliable and durable in work. Gear drives are made of high-alloyed steels with surface thermal hardening.

Single-beam stick is made of high-test punched tube. The dipper is flanged to the stick stationary with high-strength bolts providing easy replacement and high reliability (no gaps and mobility in connections).

The stick is unloaded from torsion, and is fitted with damping mechanism of duplex action, installed in the rear stick part. A removable recurring half block with high surface hardness is installed in the front part of the stick.

The shovel is fitted with electrically driven cable reel for reeling and unreeling of the cable when the excavator is moving and during its operation in the face. Cable reel capacity is 630 m.

The cabin elevated over machinery house provides good field of view during operation. The cabin is spacious, sealed, provided with heating, conditioning, ventilation, glass heating and also with vibroinsulated seat.

Technical characteristics


Main Technical Parameters
Capacity of main dipper, m3 10
Capacity of changeable dippers, m3 8; 12,5; 16
Maximum load on dipper hanger, kN (tf) 980 (100)
Design cycle duration, s 26
Traveling speed on prepared track, km/h 0.7
Maximum overcoming track slope, deg 12
Maximum power of mains motor, kW 800
Maximum power of transformer, kW 160
Mains voltage (three-phase, 50Hz), V 6000
Average ground pressure during moving, kPa crawler belt 1100 mm 313
crawler belt 1400 mm 224
Working weight with dipper, t 395
Main dipper weight, t 16.2
Weight of counterweight, t 45-50

Working Dimensions
Boom length, m 13.86
Stick travel, m 4.55
Boom pitch, deg 45
Maximum digging radius, m 18.45
Maximum digging height, m 13.50
Maximum dumping radius, m 16.30
Maximum dumping height, m 8.60
Heights to boom head blocks, m 14.62
Digging radius at grade level, m 12.60
Height to filter ventilating installation, m 8.29
Clearance under revolving frame, m 2.77
Rotation radius of revolving frame rear part, m 7.78
Distance from tail piece of boom to center of rotation, m 2.4
Height to two-legged jig, m 11.56
Operator eye level, m 7.65
Main Units
Welded lower frame of low-alloyed steel length, m 3.88
width, m 3.55
Ring gear of alloyed steel diameter, mm 4391
width, m 280
Diameter of roller disk at rail center, m 3.80
Number of rollers, pcs 40
Roller diameter, mm 230
Welded revolving frame of low-alloyed steel length, m 12.33
width, m 3.90
Carriage total width, m 6.68
total length, m 6.98
Number and diameter of support wheels, mm 4х960 мм; 4х1350 мм
Diameter of driving wheel, mm 1380
Diameter of idler wheel, mm 1380
Number and pitch of crawler tread mm 74x470

Working Equipment
Boom welded of 2 sections
Diameter of two-strand pulleys with surface treatment of grooves, mm 1365
Diameter of crowding two-strand pulleys with surface treatment of grooves, mm 1452
Stick diameter, mm 700
Wall thickness of stick beam, mm 50
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