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Quarry shovel EKG-15



Electric quarry shovel EKG-15 is designed for mining and loading overburden rock and resources into transport facilities at open minings for forming minedout space. The models EKG-8U and EKG-12Us with elongated front-end equipment are created on the base of EKG-15. The excavators with elongated front-end equipment can be used for drivage of pilot cuts, and also for loading into transport facilities located on overlaying levels. Excavator EKG-15 and its modifications provide high rates, have high manoeuvrability. These shovels are easy to operate and maintain. The modern construction and high-strength materials provide reliable operation of shovels in any climatic conditions.

constructional peculiarities


The excavator is equipped with modern electronic control system on the basis of thyristor converters. The thyristor transformers used in the system allow to provide independent infinitely variable control of the main drives and formation of optimal static and dynamic characteristics based on the motor-generator scheme. The control system is provided with necessary locks for ensuring reliable and safe excavator operation. The modular construction of transformers simplifies troubleshooting and repair.

Use of the elongated equipment essentially widens technological abilities of basic model.

The planetary gears of the shovel’s swinging mechanism in comparison with earlier used reduction gears are more compact, can endure higher loads, are more reliable and have a longer service life. All drives are supplied with effective electrical disk brakes. The tooth gears are manufactured of high-alloy steels with surface thermo-strengthening.

The dipper handle represents single-leg construction, manufactured of hollow shells, with head casting in a forefront for attachment of a dipper. The front-end equipment construction with hanger dipper leveling unit fully frees dipper handle of torsion, that ensures essen-

tial decreasing its weight; installation of double-action shock absorption mechanism in the dipper handle rear end reduces dynamic loads in the crowd and dipper handle mechanism, when the dipper meet insuperable obstacle in the pit-face and at the dipper handle blowing with saddle block. The dipper handle shock absorption mechanism location reduces the length of rear end (it is especially importantly for models with elongated front-end equipment) and dipper handle weight in a whole, that has a favourable effect for realization of force on dipper tooth. Replaceable return semi-unit is installed at the dipper handle forefront, that ensures high hardness and long service life of its groove at the expense of dipper handle and semi-unit individual thermal treatment.

The shovel is fitted with cable reel for power high voltage cable with automatic reeling and unreeling at shovel travel and operation. The capacity of cable reel is 630 m.

Arranged above the machinery house operator’s cabin ensures clear visibility at the operation. The cabin is large and hermetic. It is equipped with a heating system, an air-conditioner, ventilation and heating glassworks, a vibroinsulated seat.

Technical characteristics


Main Technical Parameters
Capacity of main dipper, m3 16.5
Changeable dipper capacity, m3 18
Maximum hoist effort on the dipper, kN (ton-force) 1470(150)
Designed cycle time, sec 28
Maximum load on dipper hanger, kN (tf) 980 (100)
Design cycle duration, s 26
Traveling speed on prepared track, km/h 0.7
Travel speed along prepared route, km/hour 0.82
Maximum climbing angle of route incline, deg 12
Nominal main motor power , kW 1250
Nominal transformer power, kVA 250
Supply voltage (3-phase, 50 Hz), V 313
Average specific ground pressure, kPa 240
Excavator with dipper working weight, t 698
Main dipper weight, t 29.6
The balance box weight, t 45.0

Operation Parameters
Boom length, m 18
Dipper handle movement , m 4.9
Bloom tilt angle, deg 45
Maximum digging radius, m 22.6
Maximum digging height, m 16.6
Maximum dumping radius, m 19.30
Maximum dumping height, m 9.88
Height to bloom head units, m 18.7
Digging radius at floor level, m 15.6
Height to filtered air ventilation unit, m 9.99
Revolving frame clearance, m 3.56
Rotation radius of revolving frame rear end, m 10
Distance from tail piece of boom to rotation center, m 3.2
Height to jack boom, m 15
Operator’s eye level, m 8.2
Main Units
Welded lower frame of low-alloyed steel length, m 8
width, m 7.9
Toothed rim of steel alloy diameter, mm 4385
width, m 300
Diameter of roller circle in the rail center, m 7.6
Number of rollers, pcs 72
Diameter of roller, m 260
Welded frame of revolving frame of low-alloy steel length, m 16.49
width, m 4.55
Undercarriage total width, m 9.4
total length, m 12
The number and diameter of supporting wheels, mm 10х1050mm 2х1150mm
Diameter of the tumbler sprocket, mm 1220
Diameter of the bear-up wheel, mm 1600
The number and diameter of tracks, mm 100х500

Working Equipment
Boom welded of two sections
Diameter of main double-grooved units with surface hardening of grooves, mm 1600
Diameter of crowd double-grooved units with surface hardening of grooves, mm 1400
Diameter of dipper handle, mm 800
Thickness of dipper handle beam, mm 50
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