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Quarry shovel EKG-1500K



Crawler shovel EKG-1500K is intended to excavate and load minerals and overburden rock to transport facilities at open mines for stacking and also for loading works at storage area. The shovel provides high productivity, good mobility, easy control and maintenance. Up-to-date design and high-strength materials applied in the excavator provide its reliable operation in any climatic conditions. The cabin elevated over machinery house provides good field of view during operation. The cabin is spacious, sealed, equipped with heating, ventilation and glass heating, vibroinsulated seat and additional sections for relaxation.

constructional peculiarities


Planetary gearboxes of excavator’s swinging mechanism in comparison with early used gearboxes are more compact, are of larger load-carrying capacity, reliable and durable in work. All drives are fitted with efficient block brakes.

Gear drives are made of high-alloyed steels with surface thermal hardening.

The excavator stick is a single-beam construction made of overall shells, with head molding in the front part for fastening of dipper. The design of working equipment unloads the stick from torsion, providing its significant weight reduction; the damping mechanism of duplex action, installed in the rear stick part, decreases dynamic loads in crowd mechanism and stick when dipper touching impassable obstacle in the face and in case of stick blow against saddle bearing. The location of stick damping mechanism reduces the length of rear part and the total weight of the stick, thus favorably effecting digging force at dipper tip.

A removable recurring half block is installed in the front part of the stick, providing high hardness and durability of its strand due to separate thermal treatment of

half block and the stick.

The excavator is fitted with cable reel for highvoltage supply cable with automatic reeling and unreeling of the cable when the excavator is moving and during its operation in the face. Cable reel capacity is 630 m.

The excavator dipper has stepped cutting edge to facilitate digging in the face. To increase durability of the dipper, its housing and bottom are reinforced with sheet steel inserts of steel “Cart X 400” of high hardness. Wedge-shaped bulges are provided on the dipper lip, significantly increasing life cycle of the lip. The dipper is fitted with bottom brake unit to decrease impact loads on vehicles when unloading dipper.

The excavator boom is of tubular cross section and is made of low-alloyed steel in form of doubleleg structure with swivel joint of upper and lower sections. The boom is unloaded from bending as crowding force is taken by rackers and two-legged jig. Lifting and crowd hoists are planetary. Herein the scheme with cantilever location of drums is applied, proved to be reliable in service conditions.

Technical characteristics


Main Technical Parameters
Dipper capacity, m3 Main 20
Changeable 18...40
Maximum load on dipper hanger, kN (tf) 1960 (200)
Maximum crowd load, kN (tf) 931 (95)
Design cycle duration, s 30
Traveling speed on prepared track, km/h 0.88
Maximum overcoming track slope, deg 0.2 (12)
Maximum power of mains transformer, kW 2500
Rated power of auxiliaries transformer, kVA 250
Mains voltage (three-phase, 50Hz), V 6000
Average ground pressure, kPa 240
Working weight of excavator with dipper, t 820
Main dipper weight, t 39.6
Counterweight, t 90

Operation Parameters
Boom length, m 19
Stick travel, m 5
Boom pitch, deg 45
Maximum digging radius, m 23.4
Maximum digging height, m 17.5
Maximum dumping radius, m 20.9
Maximum dumping height, m 11.8
Heights to boom head blocks, m 19.4
Digging radius at grade level, m 16.3
Height to filter ventilating installation, m 11.2
Clearance under revolving frame, m 3.56
Rotation radius of revolving frame rear part, m 10
Distance from tail piece of boom to center of rotation, m 3.2
Height to two-legged jig, m 15
Operator’s eye level, m 8.2
Main Units
Lower frame of low alloyed steel length, m 8
width, m 7.9
Ring gear of alloyed steel diameter, mm 4385
width, m 300
Diameter of roller disk at rail center, m 7.6
Number of rollers, pcs 72
Roller diameter, mm 260
Welded revolving frame of low-alloyed steel length, m 16.49
width, m 4.5
Frame of carrier total width, m 9.4
total length, m 12
The number and diameter of supporting wheels, mm 10х1050mm 2х1150mm
Diameter of the tumbler sprocket, mm 1220
Diameter of the bear-up wheel, mm 1600
The number and diameter of tracks, mm 100х500

Working Equipment
Boom welded of two sections
Diameter of main double-grooved units with surface hardening of grooves, mm 1600
Diameter of crowd double-grooved units with surface hardening of grooves, mm 1400
Diameter of dipper handle, mm 800
Thickness of dipper handle beam, mm 50
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