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Quarry shovel EKG-1500R



Electric quarry shovel EKG-1500R is a new shovel of OMZ equipment range. The excavator is designed for mining and loading overburden rock and resources onto transport facilities or into the mined-out space. The specific design features of EKG-1500R are its double-leg dipper handle, rack crowd, double crawler with individual drive for each crawler. It provides reliable trouble-free operation of excavator in the most high-gravity pit-faces and climatic conditions.

constructional peculiarities


The front-end equipment elements are manufactured of high-strength steels, ensuring trouble-free operation under high dynamic loads. A specific geometry of dipper and extended rating of dippers allow to load rocks into the trucks with 110 -150 t capacity, and also into the railway dumpcars.

Rotation gears are planetary. They are more compact and reliable in comparison with cylindrical ones.

The equally-spaced location of gears excludes a radial loading on bearing of king journal.

Boom hanger is guyed. Crowding shaft and saddle blocks are erected with roller bearings.

The excavator is equipped with centralized grease lubricating automatic system.

Electric motor of the main mechanisms is direct-current.

The crawler is with open large rollers, with

arranged above the ground tumbler sprockets. Driven electric motors, located on aclinal bracket, provide easiness of erection, centering adjustment and execution of repair works. The forced air-cooling of the propel motors provides unlimited practically drive operating regime at travel.

Two-axis hand-worked command-apparatuses, seat-stand with vibration insulation and air-conditioning system create the comfortable working conditions for operator.

Digital control system provides optimal mechanical characteristics of drives at high efficiency factor and power factor values.

Digital information and diagnostic system executes automatized control of performances, control of technical parameters and diagnostics of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Technical characteristics


Parameters Units Value
Main dipper capacity m3 18
Changeable dippers capacity m3 16 . . .30
Maximum digging radius m 22.2
Maximum digging height m 16.2
Maximum dumping radius m 18.3
Maximum dumping height m 10.7
Designed cycle time sec 27
Travel speed along prepared route km/h 1.1
Maximum climbing angle of route incline deg 15
Allowed angle of excavator pitch at operation deg 5
Average ground pressure at moving With crawler belt of 1800 mm kPa 255
With crawler belt of 1800 mm kPa 226
Working weight t 750 +/-5%
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