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Quarry shovel EKG-20A



Excavator EKG-20A is a high-production powerful machine intended for loading heavy rocks to dump trucks with capacity of 180 t and more. The machine is of a high operational reliability, it provides high productivity and environmental safety of works, easy operation and maintenance. Excavator EKG-20A is intended to operate in heavy mining and geological climatic conditions. EKG-20A is a heavy shovels. The powerful rack crowd mechanism, rigid double-leg handle make these excavators indispensible in mining heavy rocks.

constructional peculiarities


Separate direct current drive of hoisting mechanisms, crowd, swing and motion with thyristor converters supply allowed to avoid usage of machine converters, facilitates control of working motions.

Roller disk with conical rollers, centered relative to central journal, provides reliable operation of swing gear at large side loads. The excavator is fitted with four-motor, four- gear unit swing mechanism.

The driving gear of reduction unit is installed on separate bearings and connected to the motor shaft with the gear clutch. One of the gear wheels is fitted with spring buffer, releasing dynamic loads applied to the mechanism.

Absence of cantilever wheels and gears provides durability of gear drives. The machine is fitted with boom of rigid box structure with pulley suspension and double-grooved head blocks.

The excavator is fitted with cable reel, the drive of which is synchronized with motion mechnism. That provides automatic reeling and unreeling of power cable following cab displacements.

EKG-20A is specially designed for usage in extreme mining-geological and climatic conditions, that reflected in its general arrangement, structural solutions of separate units, in applied materials, availability of special systems and devices, providing reliable machine operation at the ambient temperatures up to minus 50°C.

The excavator is equipped with two cabins. The upper serves for excavator control. Such location of cab, its glass cover, powerful searchlights provide good lookout of the face and transport facilities in any season and day time.

The cabin is equipped with an air-conditioner, glass heating system and measuring station of excavator working parameters. The lower cabin is for operator’s relaxation. Both cabins have reliable sound and heat insulation and electric heating.

Filter ventilating installation supplies filtered air into machinery house. It favorably affects durability of the electric and electronic equipment, and also excavator mechanical units.

Technical characteristics


Parameters Units Value
Capacity of main dipper m3 20
Capacity of changeable dippers m3 18...32
Maximum digging radius m 23.4
Digging radius at grade level m 15.2
Maximum digging height m 17
Maximum dumping radius m 20.9
Maximum dumping height m 11.5
Average ground pressure during moving kPa 320
Cycle duration sec 28
Capacity of main transformer KW 2250
Working weight t 1075 +/- 5%
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