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Quarry shovel EKG-5A



Crawler shovel EKG-5A is intended for excavation and loading of preliminary loosen heavy rocks. The shovel is used in open mining in erection of hydro engineering, industrial, railway and other constructions. Long-term practice of designing and manufacturing of excavators has allowed to create the machine successfully operating not only in usual climatic conditions, but also in tropical and northern areas. EKG-5A is now produced upon customer’s individual request.

constructional peculiarities


The main bearing structures are boom, revolving frame and base frame manufactured of low-alloyed rolled steel, thus allowing to operate the excavator with full load in any season.

Dipper and mechanisms are made of high alloyed steel grades. It guarantees fail-safety at low dynamic loads.

Direct current drive operating as “generator- motor” with digital control system based on transistor exciters providing smooth acceleration of converter, smooth control of speed and pulls of the main drives at different variations of

external conditions, reduction of setting time and easy maintenance of the main drives.
Information and analyzing system with the function of weighing of rock mass in dipper.

Oversized operator’s cab meets the requirement of ergonomics and modern comfort level.

The drive control system provides to move on prepared track with speed 0.75 km/h, and independent ventilation allows to operate in continuous mode without overheating.

Technical characteristics


Parameters Units Value
Capacity of main dipper m3 5.2
Capacity of changeable dippers m3 3.2; 4.6; 6.3; 7
Maximum digging radius m 14.5
Digging radius at ground level m 9.04
Maximum digging height m 10.3
Maximum dumping radius m 12.65
Maximum dumping height m 6.7
Average ground pressure when moving kPa 205
kPa 162
kPa 127
Design cycle duration sec 23
Power of mains motor KW 250
VWorking weight t 196
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