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Rotary Drilling Rig SBSh-27OIZ is designed to produce blast holes in rocks of any hardness when extracting mineral resources on open pits. Drilling Rig is equipped with spacious cabin providing operator with good field of vision and meeting all safety regulations in terms of external factors like noise, vibrations, dustiness, lighting and temperature. The basic process parameters of drilling are displayed on color linear scales and digital indicator (drilling depth, rotational speed of the drill string, feed force, load on rotation head and drilling speed). Propel mechanism is blocked when the drill rod is descended down the hole. The drill machinery (drill string rotator, feed and propel) is driven by DC motors fed from thyristor converters. Control system provides for high factory operational readiness and is equipped with diagnosis enabling to replace cubicles and units without corrective adjustment of the system. Excavator-type low-pressure caterpillar track with separate driving of each track has shown good performance on low quality bottoms of ore quarries. The drill mast is made of square-section pipes and its open-type design provides for free access to the part of equipment positioned on the mast. Drill is equipped with the screw compressor capacity 40 m3/ min, having two oil-separation stages, finned steel pipe oil-cooler. Drill Rig is supplied with electrical equipment rated for 6000 V, current frequency 50 Hz and wet dust suppression system. At the customer’s order the Drill can be additionally completed with cable drum, dry dust suppression system instead of the wet one, welding transformer, portable heater 30 kW, lubrication system and heavy type rods.

Operating Parameters
Specification SBSh-270IZ
Diameter of hole, mm 270, 250
Feeding force, kl\l 450
Depth of drilling, m 32
Rod length, m 11
Number of rods, pc 3
Declined drilling, degrees, up to 30
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