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The 2KV-A raise-borer is designed for driving vertical and inclined rise workings in rocks with an ultimate strength σcomp= 210 MPa in mines with no hazardous concentrations of gas and dust. Raise workings are driven by boring a pilot hole from top to bottom until entry to the lower level and by boring a drift across the entire section from the bottom upwards. Rock is broken by roller-bit drilling.

Cutting tool diameter, m 1.25/1.5/1.8
Drilling height (depth), m, max 160/185
Pilot borehole drilling diameter, mm 270
Angle of a raise inclination from the horizontal line, rad. (deg.) 1.047-1.83/60-105
Rock holing performance at sсоmp= 210 MPa, m3/h, min:  
- 1.25 m-dia. cutting tool 2.1
- 1.5 m-dia. cutting tool 2.9
- 1.8 m-dia. cutting tool 3.6
Total installed power of electric motors, kW 150.5
including the cutting tool drive, KW 120
Overall dimensions of the drilling rig in the working position, mm:  
- length 1570
- width 1460
- height 4000
Mass of the raise-boring machine, t, max 63.2
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