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The KSP-32 Roadheader is a completely up-to-date medium duty machine for cutting hard strata to reduce a share of blasting and drilling operations. The machine is designed to mechanize breaking and loading of the mined rock while driving mine workings in mixed faces with single-axis compressive strength of up to 100 MPa and abrasivity not more than 15 mg with an inclined gradients ±12° and cutting profile from 10 m2 in the finished section and up to 29 m2 in the rock section in mines hazardous on gas (methane) and coal dust. A powerful boom assembly with high arcing and lifting forces enables the machine to cut harder strata.


  • Robust cutting boom powered by a 110 kW air cooled electric motor
  • Heavy duty cutting head with efficient pick face flushing facility
  • Telescopic action to allow cutting head to be sumped in with the machine stationary and therefore independent of floor conditions
  • Center scraper chain conveyer built for abrasive applications with an enlarged throad
  • Large crawler tracks which are independently operated to give maximum machine maneuverability for working on steep gradients and poor floor conditions
  • Real floor sprag jack to increase machine stability in adverse cutting conditions
  • Loading apron performs as a front support
  • Scraper conveyor and stage loader enable to use the machine with various type of excavated material handling
Ultimate strength of rocks breaking, sсоmp, MPa, min 100 (f=8)
Rock abrasivity, mg, max 15
Minimum finished section, m2 11
Maximum rock section, (at the cutting boom swing), m2 33.8
Gradients of driven working, degrees ±12
Cutting boom swing, mm:  
- height 5000
- width 6500
- below ground level 200
Cutting boom
Type boom with linear-axial cutting head
Telescoping travel, mm 650
Rated power of the cutting head electric motor, kW 110
Cutting head 1100
- maximum diameter, mm 1.4
- cutting length, mm 640
Pick number, pcs 42
Cutting head rotation frequency, min -1 33
Cutting rate at the max. diameter of the cutting head, m/s 2.0
Type loading apron with gathering arms
Gathering arms gear hydro-mechanical, kinematically uncoupler
Swinging of arms, min -1 30
Feeder width, mm, max 3670
Lowering of the feeder lip below ground level, mm. max 170
Lift of the loading apron lip over ground level, mm, min 700
  Crawler Type
Chassis drives hydro-mechanical, kinematically uncoupled
Traveling speed, m/min.:  
- working speed (with loading) 1.0
- maneuvering speed (without loading) 5.0
Track width, mm 550
Maximum traction force of one track, kN 250
Scraper conveyor
Type belt conveyor fitter to the rear side of the roadheader and to the monorail carrier
  electromechanical drive
Trough width, mm 2x15 or 2x18.5
Trough width, mm 534
Chain speed, m/s 0.9
Conveyor throad height, mm 400
Stage loader
Type belt conveyor fitter to the rear side of the roadheader and to the monorail carrier
  electromechanical drive
Electric drive motor, kW 18.5
Belt width, mm 650 
Belt speed, m/s 1.45
Length, mm 11400
Flushing System
Flushing points cutting head/material transfer from the scraper conveyor/from the reloader
Water pressure in the flushing system, MPa, min 1.5
Water discharge for the cutting head flushing, l/min, max 70
Overall machine dimensions in a transportation position, mm
- length (without stage loader) 11400
- width over crawler 2600
- width over feeder 3670
- height over body 1900
Voltage, V 1140/660
Rated current frequency, Hz 50
Total rated power of electric motors including, kW 300
Weight, t 45
Ground pressure, MPa, Max 0.15
Clearance, mm 270
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