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The roadheader is designed to mechanize breaking and loading of the mined rock. while driving mine galleries in mixed faces with uniaxial compressive strength of up to 100 MPa and abrasivity up to 15 mg with an inclined gradients ±12o and cutting profile from 10.5 m2 to 35 m2 in mines hazardous on gas (methane) and coal dust.

In the supply contract the 1140V or 660V voltage should be specified which is set at the manufacturer factory. Further, during the machine operation, the voltage range can be set from 1140 V to 660 V and vica versa under the manufacturer representative supervision.

By special order the roadheader in -00; -01; -06; -07 versions can be completed with a twin-chain scraper conveyor with spaced round-link chains of the 18х64 caliber. By special order the roadheader can be completed with a KSP- cutting head 1050 mm dia. instead of the KSP- cutting head 950 mm dia. The -06 and -07 versions of the roadheader feature the extended by 145 mm stage loader suspension height and, accordingly, better following the floor concave curves.

By coordination with the customer the roadheader can be supplied in different version.


Roadheader versions

  craper conveyor type Stage loader HP Flushing system Machine length, m Height over conveyor, m
-00 Fixed Yes No 10.6 1.80
-01 Fixed Yes Yes 10.6 1.80
-02 Articulated No No 13.6 1.99
-03 Articulated Yes No 13.6 1.99
-04 Articulated No Yes 13.6 1.99
-05 Articulated Yes Yes 13.6 1.99
-06 Fixed Yes No 10.6 1.95
-07 Fixed Yes Yes 10.6 1.95
UCS, σсоmp, MPa, up to 100
UCS, σсоmp, MPa, up to 100 Technical cutting performance, m3/min:  
- σсоmp.=100 MPa 0.3
- σсоmp.=80 MPa 0.45
- σсоmp.=60 MPa 0.7
- σсоmp.=30 MPa and coal 1.8
Cutting boom swing, (telescope extended), m:  
- height 5.0
- width 7.5
Maximum rock section at the cutting boom swing, m2, from one position 35
Minimum height of the rectangular gallery, m 2.3
Gradients of driven galleries, degrees ±12
Overall dimensions in a transportation position, m  
- length 10.6; 13.6
- width on crawler 2.73
 - width on gathering apron 3.53
- body height 1.8
- height on conveyor 1.8; 1.99
Weight (less stage loader), t:  
- with fixed scraper chain conveyor 54
- with articulated scraper chain conveyor 56.5
Average ground pressure, MPa 0.14
Clearance, m 0.27
Voltage, V 1140; 660
Currency, Hz 50
Total power rating of electric motors and stage loader, kW 250
Cutting boom
Telescopic travel, m 0.65
Rated power of the cutting head electric motor, kW 132
Cutting head rotation frequency, rpm 35
Type hydro-mechanical, kinematically uncoupled
Loading apron width, m 3.53
Scraper chain conveyor
Rated power of electric drive motors, kW 2x18.5
Trough width, m 0.67
Scraper chain speed, m/s 1.1
Chassis drives hydro-mechanical, kinematically uncoupled
- Traveling speed, m/min  
- Working speed (with loading) 1.3
- Maneuvering speed (without loading) 5.5
- Track width, m 0.74
Remotely controlled from the portable control panel
Belt stage loader
Rated power of electric drive motor, kW 18.5
Belt width, m 0.8
Stage loader length (standard), m 13.4
Electric equipment
Rated power of electric drive motors:  
- Cutting boom 132
- Oil station 75
- Scraper chain conveyor 2х18.5
- Stage loader 18.5
- Pumping station 5.5
- High-pressure flushing 18,5
- Low-pressure flushing 37
Hydraulic system
Pumps – types and quantity, pcs.  
- НШ10 (control circuits) 1
Hydraulic motors - types and quantity, pcs.:  
- Rotary-plunger 4
Safety valves setup pressure in hydraulic lines, MPа:  
- of cutting boom and travel 18
- of gathering spinners 16
Flushing System
Flushing system pressure, MPа, no less than:  
- Low-pressure 1.5
- High-pressure 8
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