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MPL-22 hole drilling and loading machine is designed for drilling blastholes and loading of muck at the drill and blast method of driving horizontal and inclined up to ±12º mine galleries in rocks with UCS up to 100 MPa in mines hazardous on gas (methane) and coal dust.


  • MPL-22 – with drilling rig and articulated scraper conveyor less belt stage loader
  • MPL-22 -01 – with drilling rig and fixed short scraper conveyor and belt stage loader
  • MPL-22 -01 – with drilling rig and fixed short scraper conveyor and belt stage loader
  • PL-22 -03 – without a drill rig and with fixed short scraper conveyor and belt stage loader.
Technical performance of loading at the following degrees of gallery inclina-tion, m3/min.:  
- up to -8º 3
- from -8º to -12º 2
Drilling performance, m/min. 32
Drilling height, max, m 4
Range of galleries inclination, degrees ±12
Maximum size of loaded rock lumps, m 0,65
Dimensions an a transportation state, m:  
- length 9,1
- width over crawlers 2,02
- width over feeder 2,3 
- height over body 1,64
- height over drilling rig 2,3
Weight (less stage loader), t:  
- with a drilling rig 17
- less drilling rig 15
Ground pressure, MPa 0,09 
Clearance, m 0,23
Voltage, V 660
Frequency, Hz  
Total rated power of electric motors (less stage loader), kW 126
Drilling Equipment
Blast holes diameter, mm 42
Travel advance, m 2,5
Rotation frequency of the drill rod, rpm. 330; 725
Loading arms drives electromechanical, kinematically uncoupled
Electric drive power of each drive, kW 22
Loading apron width, m 2,3
Carriage drives hydromechanical, kinematically uncoupled
Travel speed, m/min.  
- maneuvering 9
- operating (with setup capability) 0…9
Truck width, m 0,51
Type Scraper
Electric motor drive power, kW 2х18,5
Trough width, m 0,67
Scraper chain speed, m/s 1,1 
Belt Stage Loader
Electric motor drive power, kW 18,5
Belt width, m 0,8
Stage loader width in standard delivery, m 13,4
"Loading" mode from the wireless remote controller
"Drilling" mode from the stationary control board
Electric Equipment
Electric motor drives power, kW:  
- left loading arm 22
- right loading arm 22
- scraper chain conveyor 2х18,5
- oil station 30
- control circuits and drilling rig manipulator pump unit 4
- drilling rig 11
- stage loader 18.5
Hydraulic System
Pumps – types and quantity, pcs:  
- dual gear pump (2х50cm3) 1
- НШ10 (control circuits and drilling rig manipulator) 1
Hydraulic motors: 2х18,5
- rotary plunger type 2
Safety valves adjustment pressure in hydraulic lines, MPa:  
- of travel 14
- of drilling rig manipulator 10
- of control circuits 2
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